This journey was started in the year 1805 at Lahore by Father Gobind Ram Kahan Chand with an objective to spread Ayurveda and its’ benefits.
And since then, this has been the prime focus of attention behind all the activities of this organization.

The Company Shifted to Delhi in 1947 & since been spreading well-being through its' top quality ayurvedic herbs preparations....
for Women)
This preparation contains Gold & Silver Bhasmas and real Pearl (Mukta) pishti in addition to Vitogen ‘F’ formula.
LIVO - 82
(For Liver)
This preparation is specially formulated for treating Liver disorders. It stimulates the secretion of bile and improves digestion.
(For Children)
This is a special preparation formulated for growing infants between the age group of 3 to 12 months.
(Stress Reliever)
This is a special preparation to relieve stress related problems, bad food habits, indigestion worries, hyper acidity.
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At GK Herbals, quality has always been the top most priority. To give the maximum benefit to the users of these herbs, it is important that every ingredient is mixed in right proportion and in its' purest form.  
Our goal is to help every individual enjoy total health. The original science of health is as old as the human race. It's called ayurveda, which is Sanskrit for “Science of life.” The written records of this complete system of natural health care are about 5,000 years old.  
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